Stress-Related Pain (Hair Loss)

I’d like to speak to you about pain and Enlight. There are of course a lot of causes of pain, but oftentimes pain is related to stress. It’s related to loss and chronic difficulties in life. Enlight can help with that kind of pain. It can remove the stressors and then over time, perhaps, the muscles elongate and there’s relief physically because of the emotional intervention. It might take a little longer for the physical pain to go away because the physical body has higher mass and things change more slowly. Sometimes though, oftentimes actually, when the pain you’re suffering is due to stress, trauma, or things you’re holding in, and there’s a release, the physical relief is immediate. Whether it’s headache, neck ache, backache, I’ve seen people just right in the session upon completing the treatment their neck will crack and they’ll say, “This neck pain, I’ve had it all day and it’s gone away.” Another thing that’s happened that I don’t know for sure yet whether this will occur, but for hair loss due to stress, once the treatment is applied the stress will be relieved. The person may change their lifestyle like this individual working too much, too hard, spread too thin. They started immediately to change their lifestyle after Enlight but their hair didn’t grow back right away. It may be some time before something physical corrects itself but that is my expectation in this case. Unless it’s hair loss due an organic condition, genetics or something like that, I would expect that over the next six months or so for hair loss to be remedied as well, but that would take longer in my opinion.