We are so certain that you will experience positive emotional benefits from the Enlight™ Treatment that we proudly offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee within 30 days of paid membership.
In order to qualify for a refund, a member must complete a Symptom Assessment both prior to and after applying the Enlight™ treatment. If you are not satisfied after completing the Enlight™ Treatment, email refund@enlighttreatment.com with your full name, username and reason for requesting a refund. Once we’ve reviewed your Symptom Assessments, your refund will be applied within 7 days to the credit card used to purchase your membership.

Once you have applied the treatment in full, you are healed! You may repeat the treatment as often as you like within the 14-day window after you become a Full Member, however, it is NOT NECESSARY to do so.

After you have completed the Enlight™ Treatment, you may discover other issues in your life that you would like to work on. Much like peeling away layers of an onion, your awareness of your personal issues can be uncovered after removing more apparent, at the surface issues. Fortunately, all that is needed is to repeat the part of the Enlight Treatment known as the Positive Reinforcement history. Many clients have reported additional success after repeating the Positive Reinforcement history at a later date. Your Full Membership provides free access to the Positive Reinforcement History as needed.
There are three (3) personal assessments contained within the Member Dashboard. Two are available for the Basic Level of membership (Emotional Assessment, Compulsion Assessment). These assessments may be taken and scored multiple times.  

The Emotional Assessment is meant to get you in touch with your current emotional state and encourages truthful reflection of your emotional history. What are your current stressors? What happens to you emotionally when you think of these stressors? Give each of the emotions in the list a number from 1(not at all) through 10(extremely) to gauge differences before and post treatment.

The Compulsion Assessment is designed to get you thinking about behaviors that you wish you didn’t have, have tried to stop, and have not had any success overcoming through sheer willpower alone. At the most destructive levels, we would call these behaviors, addictions. However, even if you are fortunate enough not to suffer from a harmful addiction, you most likely are practicing behaviors that you know are unproductive and useless….worry, anxiety, chronic sacrifice (always saying “yes”), procrastination, indecision. By identifying your “compulsion” and then honestly answering the questions in the assessment, you will be able to see how your compulsion is impacting your daily life.

The third assessment is for Full Members (Symptom Assessment) and will be taken only twice; once before receiving the Enlight™ Treatment, and once again seven days post-treatment. This assessment is a scientific instrument which will provide information on nine different symptoms and the severity of each, before and after receiving the treatment.
The side of the body that you tap or stimulate does not matter except when you are rubbing the "tender spot" which is always on the LEFT side of the chest.

You may pause or rewind the video when you require additional time to complete a step or to clarify instruction.

If you are interrupted during treatment, it is NOT necessary to restart treatment from the beginning however, feel free to do so.

It is, however, necessary to resume treatment from the beginning of a target area. So, if you are interrupted, note the running time in the video and begin again by rewinding to the start of one of the target areas:

Explanation of Target Areas for Treatment (6:40)

Target 1 : External Emotional Immune System (8:32)

Target 2: External Emotional Trauma (13:00)

Target 3: External Emotional Malnourishment (21:45)

Target 4: Internal Emotional Immune System (29:35)

Target 5: Self-Inflicted Emotional Trauma (33:30)

Target 6:Self-Inflcited Emotional Malnourishment (41:25)

Target 7: Positive Reinforcement History (48:16)

Fasting increases the odds that the treatment will stick. Many things we ingest like sugar, tobacco and caffeine work as temporary remedies for emotional needs. These same substances can block healthy change.

Health insurance covers the treatment of illness and disease. Enlight™ is more of a procedure that improves emotional hygiene. This is why Enlight™ can aid in medical recovery from disease, but is not yet covered by health insurance.

You are ready for Enlight™ when you are confident that you want to change some of our feelings and behaviors. We all tend to resist change, it scares us. Because our own will is stronger than any treatment we must first have a will to change. You won’t be able to fix something if you can’t accept that it is broken.

Only once. Enlight™ works on emotional wounds much like surgery works on physical wounds. Once you heal, treatment is complete and does not need to be repeated.

No. In my experience as a psychologist, I have found that an Enlight™ application can augment the benefits of psychotherapy and medicine. However, the insight, understanding and symptom relief of psychotherapy and medication are critical to treating disease.

No. but, you may mistake a rather dramatic re-evaluation of your emotional history and bad habits that puts it all into a sad but true perspective. This grief will pass naturally.

No. However, once you are emotionally healthier, you might look back on your life experiences and see them more accurately. This fresh perspective can cause a grief episode because, for the first time in your life you are seeing the truth, which may reveal losses and injustices that you had been minimizing or even denying. This will pass as all normal grief does.

No, Some people report that they remember more details of their lives after treatment.

Enlight™ works much like an antivirus program works to clean up a computer. Your negative emotional history is like an active computer program which Enlight™ highlights and cleanses.

The difference is in what each treatment targets. Other similar treatments target your current emotional state. Enlight™ targets your entire emotional history. Therefore, the results are more robust, broader, and longer-lasting.

Enlight™ is an Energy Psychology application. These types of applications resemble a self-administered acupressure treatment that can improve our emotional health.