Why Enlight?

Many people ask me the question, “what does Enlight do?” and this is one of the hardest phenomena to describe to people because it is such a new idea. Here’s a simple way to relate to Enlight…. Pondering your past, how many times would you say that fear, shame, anger or some other unhealthy emotion has inhibited your capacity to accomplish what you desire to accomplish? Likely, your honest answer is “more often than I’d like to admit”.

It’s difficult to keep track of the past because “emotional obstacles” are invisible forces that are immensely powerful. We have all overcome a multitude of invisible obstacles in life, i.e., our size, gender, ethnicity, our wealth or poverty. Most of these have been overcome with a positive attitude. Shame, guilt and insecurity, are huge emotional obstacles and with these poor attitudes looming in our background, we are not able to accomplish many positive things. It is difficult to relate to the fact that an invisible force is preventing us from doing wonderful things and yet, if we eliminate those invisible forces, our accomplishments quickly grow beyond our expectations.

Many of us have overcome all kinds of physical obstacles. What Enlight can do is identify and remove emotional obstacles. Whether our obstacles are minor (shyness or insecurity) or major (trauma), Enlight can address these emotional obstacles and resolve them quickly and painlessly with a single application.