Treating Children with Enlight using Surrogate Treatment

One of the most amazing things I’ve seen with energy psychology applications is the treatment of young children, children that you really can’t do talk therapy with but they do have behavior problems. I was instructed, trained by Roger Callahan many years ago and it was suggested that you could treat young children by using a surrogate and I’ve found that to be true, remarkably true. The one child was having a behavior problem and they’d had it for years, and I went through the application but the person who was actually doing the tapping and attuning the appropriate files of information was the parent. The parent was in physical contact with the child while they actually went through and did the application and attuned the information and sort of like Dr. Spock on Star Trek they were treating the mind of the child. That was all I knew to do in a situation like that, so I gave it a try and the parents were willing to give it a try, and to our amazement it worked. Nothing always works, but I’ve done that several times and it’s worked most of the time so I would consider applying Enlight in that manner as well.