The Relationship Between Energy and Emotions

When people first hear about Enlight, they find it believable as far as the theory that supports the treatment. Where they begin to shy away and doubt the benefits of an Enlight treatment is when it comes to the way in which Enlight is applied, which is odd, especially to westerners. It involves the gentle stimulation of the theoretical energy system of the body. This is the same energy system that is stimulated by acupuncture and acupressure. Westerners are not always convinced that this is a proper way to treat an illness, but when it comes to emotional illnesses or conditions, there is a great deal of validity that the energy system that is being stimulated by needles or pressure is exactly where to look when it comes to stored emotions because emotions are essentially energy. Emotions are an invisible force and do not contain cells like our physical body. They are not like our physical body and do not contain cells. You cannot look at emotions under a microscope, nor has anyone ever seen a pound of anger. Yet, we all know how powerful emotions are. Consider that the energy system of the body is where emotions are stored.

Emotions are energy.