The Dawning of Enlight

Way back in 1993, I was working with a client with childhood trauma. This client (and many others in this painful situation)  did not want to talk about, or even begin to recall the details of this tragic event. (A uniquely tough spot for a talk therapist to find himself in.)

I received a brochure around that same time which offered training in a new approach to treating trauma wherein the client would not have to relive the painful events through talk therapy.  What a coincidence! I, naturally curious, went to be trained, and so began my involvement into the energy psychology field called Thought Field Therapy (T.F.T.). Dr Gallo treated people live and on-the-spot at his seminar and I watched the success of the treatment, time and time again. It truly worked!  Upon arriving home, I  immediately asked my wife, Kim, if she had any trauma that I could treat. Kim was taken aback at first (it is an odd question, especially as you walk in the door) but like the good sport she is, she found one,  I treated it and she said, “I feel better now.”  WHAT ??  This was even faster than replacing a roof!  I felt I had to continue experimenting so, I began treating anyone and everyone I could find. Because it was not necessary that I know any details of the trauma, I was able to treat many relatives and friends with great success AND within minutes, curing simple phobias on the spot, just as Dr. Gallo had done. I treated my own fear of public speaking in about ten minutes. Then, I treated a friend for fear of flying and another’s fear of heights. In case you haven’t noticed, I was having a  “superhero-like”  good time!  

My high- flying success rate, however, slowed significantly when I tried treating my clients for problems such as depression, anxiety, O.C.D. and addictions. I did not want to accept the limitations of TFT and felt confident that there was a way to heal these other related emotional states of mind.  

Then one day I made a breakthrough which led to another, then another, then another.  I began making discoveries and implementing these new developments on the energy psychology treatment into my applications, the latest development occurring in November 2013.  The cumulative result of the last 20 years of innovation is the emotional cleansing treatment I call “ENLIGHTtm”.   

Enlight takes about an hour to apply and treats almost everything!  Below is a compilation of results immediately following treatment from clients treated over the last several years.  It’s truly amazing that these results are the norm and quite routine!