Talk Therapy, Enlight, or Both? Part 1: A General Recommendation

You may have seen my introduction on the website for Psychology Today. It’s titled “More Than Just Talk.” Well, what I’m trying to explain there is that Enlight is an application that can facilitate or augment your talk therapy. Talk therapy is oftentimes necessary particularly to prepare yourself for Enlight application and then follow up with you in implementing the changes that a therapist can help you to identify and practice.

The key role that Enlight plays is in removing the emotional obstacles, and that allows you to employ these different strategies that your therapist gives you. If you’re a therapist listening to me now, you might agree that oftentimes you can take a client to a point where they have insight, they understand their problem, they understand what to do about it and why, and they even are somewhat enthusiastic about the hopeful outcomes of those efforts. However, they can’t bring themselves to do it because of the emotional obstacles: the fear, the insecurity, the overwhelming panic, or the depression that’s so debilitating. That’s a good time to apply the Enlight treatment, and then after the Enlight, the strategies can be employed more effectively.

There are people who don’t really think they need talk therapy; they just have emotional obstacles, they understand their problem, they know what they want to do, they even know how to do it. They’re not in treatment of any kind but they still recognize that there’s something in the way of accomplishing their goals. It may be just performance anxiety. It could be just being too sensitive to criticism at work or in their relationship. So they don’t necessarily need talk therapy, but they would utilize Enlight to remove these relatively significant emotional obstacles and move on, because they know what to do, they know what’s in their way, and they know why and how to do what they want to do. So Enlight works in these different capacities and I hope you’ll try it for whatever you need it for.