Subjective Results for the Non-Clinical Client

In my clinical practice, clients that apply the Enlight treatment often move from a clinical range of symptomology to a non-clinical range.  

Let’s talk about the results you can expect to achieve with Enlight if you are not in a clinical range of symptoms, but do have emotional obstacles in your life.   In other words, you are not seeking talk therapy but you have an area of your life in which you would like to improve.  Enlight is for everyone because everyone has an emotional software program that has life experiences contained within.  

We all get stuck in these past experiences, which impede our emotional well being to one degree or another.  Maybe something very mild is keeping you back from realizing your full potential (shyness, insecurity, fear of public speaking).

Enlight can neutralize these feelings as well a wide range of other symptoms.  Everyone could use Enlight to enrich their lives and liberate themselves from emotional obstacles to success.  Typically, after an Enlight application, you will be less interpersonally sensitive, less defensive, and you will actually get along better with others.   When you are accused or confronted, it will not feel as threatening.  You will recognize that there is an issue to address, but you will not experience that emotional charge that generally throws your emotions into a bit of a defensive mode.  It’s as if your skin get a little thicker, not insensitive in any way, just not as reactionary.  People tell me that they now stop to think before they react. They catch themselves before acting in an unproductive manner within their relationships, whether personal or a work environment.

With the non-clinical population, results are rather mild and not as dramatic as they are within the clinical population. After being treated with Enlight, should pay very close attention to how you were before and how you are after the treatment to accurately evaluate your benefit.  Typically, if you do this with actual targets in mind, you will be able to see the difference.  

One thing to keep in mind is that Enlight takes away what shouldn’t be there. You are taken back to your “natural state” so you will not feel foreign, different or drugged, in any way. Healthier choices will come to you more naturally because your rational mind is in charge instead of your emotional mind.  Obstacles will no longer impede you within your emotional mind.