More Than Just Talk

If you haven’t been in psychotherapy before you may not realize that the traditional approach to treatment is to educate the client about their conditions and teach them how to change their own feelings and behaviors. Although this approach can be very helpful, it is usually a long process that depends a great deal on the individual’s courageous persistence.  Moreover, a change in behavior and belief does not necessarily resolve the history of negative experiences fueling such things as depression and anxiety.

These are some of the reasons I offer “More than just talk”.  With my approach I will combine my 28 years of talk therapy experience with the 20 years I’ve spent developing my own Energy Psychology (E.P.) application, Emotional Body Therapy (E.B.T.)  After just one application my clients report feeling immediate relief from various long term negative emotions and self destructive behaviors such as dysfunctional relationships, addiction, compulsions and more.  The pace of the therapeutic progress accelerates after this painless acupuncture-like treatment because chronic emotional obstacles are removed clearing the path to greater health and happiness.