Limitations of an Enlight Treatment: Part 1

I want to speak to you briefly about something that’s not as much fun for me to talk about, but it has to do with the limitations of Enlight and I think they’re important to recognize. The primary one is that Enlight does not treat organic illnesses such as schizophrenia. It’s more so for, like I say, the “software program” than the “hardware.” The “hardware” would be more of a brain dysfunction; the “software” is more of what experiences you’ve had in life and it’s that part of our psychology that Enlight addresses. Another limitation, an interesting one to me, is that it doesn’t work as well on phobias. I can’t say it doesn’t work, but if there’s something that’s going to slip through, it’s a phobia someone has. The interesting thing is that I originally learned thought field therapy. Thought field therapy works great on phobias, so if one slips through, try thought field therapy and it will probably work. The interesting thing is that thought field therapy worked very well on simple phobias and single trauma, and Enlight works very well on all the other things but not as well on phobias. But like I say, don’t let that stop you. A thought field therapy usually does the trick and you’ll be fine to approach it that way.