Enlight vs. Medication

In my clinical practice, I am often asked how Enlight works relative to medication.  My explanation begins with the fact that different treatments intervene at different levels. Medication intervenes at the biological level and Enlight intervenes at the informational level.  

A person might mention that they need medication because of for instance, low serotonin levels.  Taking medication will assist in the production of serotonin. Taking this a step further, what is telling your body not to give you enough serotonin?  There is likely some messaging going on whereby your body is being told to reduce serotonin levels.  Where is this message coming from? Medication does intervene and change your biology to produce more serotonin. Enlight finds out where the erroneous message is coming from and what is causing that message to alter the biology of your body. This is the informational level.

The biological level works as well to counteract the message coming from you emotional mind.  If you remove the medication, the information oftentimes communicates again. Not necessarily, because you can put the medication in, change your behavior, get some momentum going, remove the medication and you are doing much better.  

Sometimes, when medication is removed, the misinformation starts to communicate again.  Enlight treats the informational cause level, the history of the emotional mind, the emotional software program and cleans up any of the unfortunate emotional experiences that are communicating these feelings so that you do not have to block it or counteract it with medication.