Enlight Spotlight: My Sugar Addiction

In our first installment of "Enlight Spotlight", learn how the Enlight Treatment helped one individual overcome a sugar addiction... and get control of an over-active mind.

Female, 25 Years 

My experience with Enlight:
Before I took the treatment I thought of myself as a generally light-hearted person, but I knew that I over analyzed things and sometimes it felt like my mind just would not stop no matter how badly I wanted it to. I also felt like I had a mild sugar addiction because when I saw or thought of eating sweets it was all that I could think about and it also caused me a lot of stress because I knew I didn't actually want the sugar. I knew that it would make me feel tired and heavy but my mind just could not let it go and when I decided to finally eat it, I felt even worse with guilt and anger at myself for not having the control. When I decided to try the treatment, I felt like the constant activity of my mind was a small problem compared to why other people might use Enlight, and before I did the treatment I didn't even realize how bad my sugar addiction was.

After the treatment, I did not feel much different right away, but within 24 hours I realized just how bad my sugar addiction was and how much stress it was actually causing me. After Enlight I could clearly and calmly think about whether I wanted something sweet or not and I could actually listen to my body and say no to sugar when my body didn't want it, whereas before it wouldn't have mattered how full I was, I would always want the dessert. And when I do feel like I want a treat, I no longer feel guilty and I don't have anxiety about eating it. Desserts and sweets no longer cause me stress and anxiety when I am around them and I just feel such a clarity of thought and feeling. This has been the most lasting and unexpected result of the treatment, as I didn't even realize how much stress and discomfort sugar and desserts were causing me until after I felt the relief.

I also felt a shift in my mind. Before the treatment, I would constantly think in circles and my mind would constantly over analyze every little aspect of every day, throughout the day. I knew that this was not normal but I could not stop it. It drove me crazy. After the treatment, I felt like my mind just stopped and relaxed. I could feel when the over analysis was coming, but instead of it being an involuntary reaction, I could focus on the calmness, like a space between my thoughts, and stop the over-thinking from happening. Also, I would always blame myself and be so hard on myself, and a lot of my constant thinking and mental chatter was negative self-talk. Now, after Enlight, I can control my mind much better and not give into the negative self-talk patterns and over analysis. This effect has not been as lasting, but the choice to enter into the over-active mind is still present which was never the case before.

Note: This customer was provided with the Enlight treatment at no cost on a trial basis. The opinions reflected herein were unsolicited and provided at will.