Enlight Benefits Are Proven with Scientific Results

Let’s talk about the scientific results that can be achieved through the application of an Enlight treatment.

Most of the people I have treated are within my clinical practice and within the last few years, prior to the treatment, each is given a test that measures 9 different symptom areas. They are asked to complete the Symptom Assessment 45 (SA-45) before the application and again 1-2 weeks post treatment. This test measures where an individual scores relative to a clinical cut-off point. It is standardized so you can see where you land relative to the clinical or non-clinical range of each symptom. Below, you will see the average results of 97 individuals who completed the SA-45 before and after the application of Enlight.

Above double-line is the range of clinical concern.  The intensity of each symptom is measured in the score of column 1 and the total number of symptoms recorded is totaled in column 2. Before being treated with Enlight, all symptoms are on or above the range for clinical concern.  After being treated with Enlight, all but two symptoms remain in the clinical range.  The two remaining symptom areas are a common phenomenon.  The first is in the area of Phobias, which respond much better to Thought Field Therapy (TFT) than to Enlight.  Phobias can be easily cured with this alternative energy psychology treatment.

The second elevation occurs in the area of Psychoticism and is common in the Pittsburgh, PA area for one simple reason.  Many people here were brought up in the Catholic tradition and the statement that elevates this score is “The idea that you  should be punished for your sins.” Answers range from “not at all” to “extremely” with the answer most given being “a little bit.”