Enhance Your Career with Enlight

I would like to speak to the professionals out there.

Whether you’re very successful, moderately successful, or struggling, you can benefit from an Enlight application. It’s such a novel application treatment to be able to remove emotional obstacles that are getting in your way, that you could actually be more successful than you are if you could just calm yourself down a little bit; maybe be less angry or less scared. It could be very functional (in a sense) for just having a fear of public speaking, where you’re doing it but, you could be doing it a lot better or, you could have more fun doing it. Maybe even you’re plenty successful career-wise but you’d like to be less stressed at work, just put less energy into it so you don’t come home exhausted. Enlight can help with this kind of thing. I’ve seen it help athletes, I’ve seen it help professionals. It can help a procrastination problem where you just tend to put things off. If you would get to them more promptly, you would have a higher success rate. You have a good success rate, but you’d like to improve it and you notice you do tend to procrastinate or hesitate (maybe closing a sale). You can tell there’s some kind of emotional obstacle where you don’t just hand them the pen and say, “Okay, sign here!” when it’s time to do that. These are these invisible forces that get in our way in life and impede our success and well being. Be prepared: sometimes after  Enlight you don’t always get the result that you expected…..

Sometimes it’s even better than you expected!

One individual who I treated to be better at his sales position was actually a very experienced and capable individual. The owner asked me to treat this person because they were working below their mean. So, I applied the treatment, and afterwards, they said, “Well, I’m going to move out of this job and go to the appropriate level for my skillset!” Once the emotional obstacles were removed, it didn’t help the employer because instead of just moving up in sales, he went and got a different job which was more appropriate for his actual skill level minus his emotional obstacles. So, anything can happen, but typically, it’s going to be a shift to a higher level of functioning.