Emotional Penicillin

Infection was at one time a life threatening circumstance. Then, one day, a solution was found, a cure.

However, it took years for the medical community to routinely administer this cure. Penicillin was derived from mold. It was strange and though nothing had ever worked quite as well before, it took time until it was widely administered. A medical breakthrough doesn’t actually break through quite that fast. Simply put, breakthroughs are hard to believe.

 As a psychologist with over thirty years of experience, I believe Enlight is a breakthrough. It’s an “Emotional Penicillin.” It heals our emotional bodies with one application giving us greater control over our bad habits and emotional burdens.

 However, like penicillin, it too seems strange to us. After all, it’s not a pill, it’s painless and works quickly. It looks more like ancient Chinese medicine rather than legitimate modern medicine. So, resistance and skepticism is understandable, but the bottom line to any idea is not about how it looks (moldy, for instance) but how it works!

 Enlight is a version of Energy Psychology which is an evidenced-based treatment with more formal validation than many commonly practiced treatments. I myself have been practicing Energy Psychology approaches since 1993 and have found Enlight to produce even better results than the original versions of Energy Psychology.

 I don’t want you to pass up this opportunity so I allow you to be the judge. If you try Enlight and it doesn’t work you get your money back. Help Enlight break through and become as common as old breakthroughs are now.