Augment Your Relaxation Techniques with Enlight

Many of you out there may already practice some very effective ways of bringing about relaxation and wellbeing and serenity. Yoga, meditation, there are many – even other energy treatments that are very effective and helpful. What I think Enlight does is it augments that experience. What you probably will find with most of your other methods is you’ll do your yoga and during yoga you’ll feel more relaxed, you’ll develop that kind of serenity, and then after your yoga you also feel that serenity and that calm and that peace. What Enlight does though, is helps that last longer, you might say, because it will tend to wear out. Talk therapy I think does a similar thing. People will say, “I feel better after talking to you, but then a couple days later I’m back to feeling the way I normally do,” and then they’ll come in for another therapy session and that pattern can repeat. Maybe you’ve noticed that with your other methods of facilitating your wellbeing in general. What I think you’ll find with Enlight is, because it’s removing something that shouldn’t be there and it’s a permanent removal of that emotional obstacle, of those life experiences that are actively impeding your wellbeing, you have a more permanent and lasting benefit. So what you’ll find when you do yoga or practice prayer or any kind of meditation is that the experience will be deeper and more lasting. The duration will be promoted, will be more effective. I think that it’s a very good thing to combine with your other methods of relaxation.