If you have ever become frustrated when trying to get your point across to someone? You'll be surprised to learn what the quickest way is to get their attention.

The fastest way to get someone else's attention is to listen to the other person and understand their point before making yours.  Surprised? The truth is that people are not as likely to keep talking after you have conveyed your thorough understanding of their message. Don’t be afraid to let them go first. Realize that understanding someone is not the same as agreeing with them! As a matter of fact, we can not confidently agree or disagree with someone until we fully understand their point of view.

Once you have convinced someone that you truly understand their point, they will not only have nothing more to say, but  they will also feel respected and place greater confidence in your point of view. To actually convince someone that you understand them, you simply need to repeat what you think their point of view is until they confirm that you have it right.

Keep in mind that for any communication to occur there must be a talker and a listener and that good communication resolves almost every misunderstanding.