Emotional Overeating

I am wondering......have you ever eaten when you are not hungry? Have you ever been in a situation where you were stressed, or experienced a loss, or simply had a long day and you were looking for a reward so you ate (or over-ate) food? That’s a very common reaction called, “emotional eating” and it can put the pounds on because your body does not need the extra food, rather, you are trying to compensate, with food, for an emotional hunger.

In that situation, our body is not actually craving food as we are not physically hungry, but rather, we are emotionally hungry. This is something that can be resolved with Enlight. It is less likely you will emotionally eat if you are no longer emotionally hungry. The fact is, throughout our lives we experience moments that leave us feeling empty, lacking confidence or self-esteem, or leave us feeling like we don’t belong. These emotional dispositions are resolved temporarily and in the very short-term with food. There’s nothing like a can of Pringles or a dozen cookies to relieve an emotional void. It works, but only temporarily, as you then have the problem of consuming too many calories.

What I have found rather consistently is that doing an Enlight application, with a sincere desire to surrender this ineffective way of coping, can help dramatically with this pattern of behavior. Nothing is going to make you stop over-eating, as that is a free-will choice you will always have. Enlight, however, will help make the “choice” not to over-eat easier, which will then give you an emotional advantage over this behavior. In other words, your emotional history will have a greatly reduced effect and the void you would attempt to fill by over-eating becomes greatly reduced or even eliminated.

Currently, you may be feeling emotional upheaval. Enlight treats historical emotional events that have left you emotionally weak. It strengthens you by neutralizing the effects of those emotional events in your past. You simply will not have the same craving for rewards of that nature or things to soothe your self with. So, give Enlight a try and I believe that in the future you will find it easier to turn down food when you are not hungry.